World Series Fever – Symphony Style

Haydn-baseball-cardIt’s October! The energy in the air as the temperatures begin to drop, the gorgeous foliage as the leaves change colors, and of course ‘get candy, get candy, get candy’. But this is America and October also means baseball… World Series Championship Baseball!!!

And since this is our first post for Fun Friday, our weekly blog about the humorous, outrageous, and just-plain-fun happenings in classical music, it seems  appropriate to showcase this ‘smackdown’ between the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra that NPR featured on Wednesday. Many of you have likely already seen it and know the fun spirit of great American rivalry captured in these two minutes. But for those of you that haven’t yet, please sit back and enjoy the musicality of these two great cities.

And how about that great baseball card of Haydn?! A couple of years ago Sony’s ran a great promo using these cards. It’s too bad that Ariama now appears to be defunct.

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