Winter Song EP

Aireline - Winter Song ep

Winter Song EP


This collection of songs started in 2002 when Skye McCaskey, a producer and friend of ours, had some down time between projects and asked if we wanted to record a song.  We jumped at the chance and recorded “Two Voices” in our practice space at the house we were living in.  As it turned out, Skye had more down time than he had anticipated and offered to keep recording.  We were able to finish the 5 tracks that we would later decide to release as the Winter Song EP over the course of a few months.  We tracked most of it in our practice space but were able to record pianos, and harpsichord at Wright Music Hall at MTSU.  After finishing the EP, Michael Eades and Sarah Jones from Skyamore approached us with the idea of hand made packaging for the release.  They came up with a beautiful design and we all gathered at Michael’s place on more than one occasion to help assemble 700 of them.  To this day, the first thing people remember about about the Winter Song EP is usually the packaging.  We think of this EP as the point where we started to find our sound and figure out where we were headed musically.

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