Unsung Creators – Part 1

Creativity – like human life – begins in darkness.

– Julia Cameron

Creating is hard. Scary. Exciting. It is a leap of faith. But… it is something creators must do. Because it is what they, as creators, were created to do. In Unsung Creators, Refinersfire will scour the inter-webs in search of new, exciting, challenging, and unsung music that we will then post here in regular installments.

In short, our goal is to take that which begins in darkness and shine a little light on it. It is our hope that we will all learn about some great music that we never even knew existed and respond to it; may we feel inspired, encouraged, or even compelled to support these creators by purchasing their music – so that they have the courage to continue creating.

Tess Said So – Melbourne, Australia

Danny Saul – Manchester, Britain

Diana Salazar – London, Britain

Christopher Hallum – Austin, Texas

Iain Armstrong – Birmingham, Britain

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