Timbre Cierpke: an orchestral premiere



Tonight I will be attending the premiere of Timbre Cierpke’s tone poem for orchestra Day Boy: Photogen Sees the Moon featuring the Trevecca Symphony Orchestra, the Trevecca Madrigalians, and Timbre herself on harp. If you find yourself in Nashville this evening please join me. You’ll be glad you did.

“Day Boy: Photogen Sees the Moon” is a tone poem inspired by a short story of George MacDonald, “Day Boy and Night Girl: the romance of Photogen and Nycteris”. The short version of the story is that Day Boy, Photogen, has been raised from birth entirely in light, never seeing the sun set, never experiencing darkness. Night girl has been raised in darkness, living in a dark cave, never seeing day or the sun. At the beginning of the story, neither of them know there is anything beyond what they’ve seen.
I have written and recorded a song based on the story of Night Girl, Nycteris. This orchestra piece is based on the story of Day Boy, as he brashly sneeks into the woods as the sun is setting, to see what the night is. He sees the moon for the first time, and loses all his courage, believing the sun has died, and this must be its ghost… In his terror, he flees into the palace garden, where he collapses. Night Girl, Nycteris, finds him. She comforts him and begins to teach him how to see the beauty in the darkness. She tells him about the moon, and he tells her of the sun (thus beginning her story in my other song.) As they fall in love with eachother, they learn to love what the other loves…. – Timbre Cierpke (taken from her Facebook page)

Also on the program are two works by Beethoven, the beloved “Ninth Symphony” and “Choral Fantasy,” as well as a choral piece by Ms. Cierpke titled “Sunset”.

The concert is free and open to the public.

Thursday, April 24th 7:30 PM
Cathedral of Incarnation:
2015 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Below are a couple of previous performances by Timbre and the Trevecca Madrigalians


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