Three Marian Carols

Second CantataThe Marian Carols were written for Mary Hopper and the ladies of the Wheaton College Women’s Chorale upon the suggestion of poet Joseph Bottum. Of the four carols in the quartet, three are included here, named after the composer/harpist Carol McClure, the historian Wilfred McClay, and Mr. Bottom.
Looking for Mary in Christmas Carols

Who is Mary in our carols? Most folks don’t read a lot of theology in December, but we do a lot of singing. Who is Mary here?


“3 Marian Carols” – on the same CD as Cantata for Christmas Day

Mary Hopper



Mary Hopper is professor of Choral Music and Conducting at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music (Wheaton, IL) where she conducts both the Men’s Glee Club and the Women’s Chorale. A graduate of Wheaton College and the University of Iowa, Ms Hopper is an internationally known clinician and past president of the American Choral Directors Association.