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Vinyl is having a moment right now. Record Store Day is the highlight day for all vinylheads. Even though I never really know when Record Store Day is, I can usually tell from the ringing in my ears as a result of my friends screeching “OMG1! It’s Record Store Day!” that it is indeed, Record Store Day.

If you love the gritty sound of vinyl, I have found just the place for you. The Shellackophile is a blog site that is dedicated to digitizing classical music LPs, reviewing the recordings, and having the digital music ready to download at an instance. The site is run by the blogger Bryan and as he states in his ‘about’ section,  he has ‘made a hobby of transferring some of these to digital files, and have established this blog as a forum for sharing these with a wider audience’.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 8.23.41 AMThis website is a gem for classical music lovers and vinyl fanatics. The Shellackophile has a wide and interesting range of music available for download with Bryan’s dry humor and knowledgable voice introducing all the music. My favorite post is Bryan’s introduction of Strauss’s “Till Eulenspiegel, ”I must confess that the choice of “Till Eulenspiegel” for my latest post was inspired by being inundated with emails about “Black Friday” sales.  I get so sick of these, that it puts me into an Eulenspiegel-like attitude, specifically the wish to go upsetting marketplace goods and wares as he does in Richard Strauss’ tone poem! (When did the day after Thanksgiving get the name “Black Friday” anyhow?  It seems to me a recent phenomenon.  In the past the references were always to “after-Thanksgiving Day sales” in the papers)2.

Enjoy The Shellackophile website, download some great forgotten recordings, and get that beautiful vinyl sound all in one!



PS- If you live in the Nashville area, you have some great record stores to visit including Grimey’s and Third Man Records. So, whenever you hear 20-somethings start screaming, it probably has nothing to do with a terrorist attack or seeing Justin Bieber. They are simply announcing Record Store Day.



1. Why do people say “OMG”? I am seriously confused by this. I understand 13 year old girls screaming this phrase but, once you have hit your 18th birthday there really is no excuse to not say “Oh my goodness/god/gracious/gadzooks/whatever you want to say (just don’t say an acronym when you have real whole words to use! (that’s a run on sentence. I apologize.)

2. Anyone who uses parentheses to denote parenthetical thought, is an ace in my book!

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  1. David See December 12, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Karen, I’m looking forward to exploring Shellackophile, but isn’t there an important distinction to be made between vinyl LPs (manufactured since about 1948, running at 33 rpm and holding 25 min. or so on a side) and the older shellac or acetate disks (starting since about 1898 I think and no longer made, running at 78 rpm, holding about 5 minutes per side and horribly easy to break). Shellackophile is devoted to the latter, now much rarer, category.

    • Karen Linton December 12, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

      I had no idea! Thank you so much for pointing out that fact. Sadly, my knowledge about music players is limited to CDs and walkmans (terrible, I know). Thanks again for pointing that out.

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