The Ghost Composer

Last week, Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi admitted that he used a ghost writer for his music compositions. What was not known at the time was who was the actual composer of Mr. Samuragochi’s compositions. The 43-year-old composer Takashi Niigaki has come forward and confirmed that he was the ghost writer for Mr. Samuragochi.

“It was the Olympic visibility that triggered an astonishing revelation Wednesday: Samuragochi suddenly announced that not only had he not written the Sonatina, but most of his music written in the past two decades was composed by someone else. Thursday, a 43-year-old composer in Tokyo named Takashi Niigaki stepped forward to say that he has been Samuragochi’s ghostwriter since 1996. A composer also named Takashi Niigaki is credited as composer-in-residence for the celebrated Bach Collegium Japan and its Ensemble Genesis, though NPR has not yet been able to confirm that it is the same individual.” (via

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