The Artists Around You

Easter Morning (1979) by Norman Bluhm

Easter Morning (1979) by Norman Bluhm

I am always humbled by the talent that surrounds me. But it is those private souls who must create, or make, or bake simply for the love of their art (or perhaps because their art just plain won’t leave them alone – so they have no choice but to do it) – these are the artists that encourage me most. Vivian Maier, the great street photographer I read about a while back, whose negatives were found by a Chicago real estate agent comes to mind. Or Norman Bluhm, the unheard of abstract painter that now brings over a million dollars on the Christie auction block a decade after his death.  Introverted inventors like Chestor Carlson or Whitcomb Judson forever change our lives and we may never think to ask, I wonder who thought of this.

So that is who we spotlight today. The unsung composer – who may not have an orchestra at his disposal or the technology available to make you believe he did. But the song is there and you know it is a good song, maybe even a great one.

So, it is with great pleasure to introduce you to the original Christmas song “Gifts of Love and the Song of Angel’s Wings” written and recorded by Tim Musselman of Murfreesboro, TN almost 5 years ago.


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  1. Tim Musselman December 19, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    Thanks Chris…I am humbled and grateful that you shared my song.

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