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Cody Franchetti & Michael Linton

Seven Franchetti Songs

The Seven Franchetti Songs are very much a child of the web.  For several years I volunteered for Catherine Austin Fitts as a producer for her Solari Report, a subscriber based weekly podcast of financial news and the politics that impact financial markets.  Each report featured a guest who Catherine interviewed, the guests ranging from […]

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Breaking the Rules for Catullus

…for the applause broke out regularly despite the “rules” about waiting until the end of the song cycle. The audience was astounded; I mean taken aback, mesmerized even, and despite the New Yorkers’ attachment to recital etiquette, Mr. Crossley-Mercer’s interpretation, Mr. Peterson’s accompaniment and composer Michael Linton’s dazzling musical demands, moved the attendees into overdrive, […]

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Drop, Drop Slow Tears

Continuing with the Lenten season, today’s featured piece is an arrangement of the 17th century hymn “Drop, Drop Slow Tears.” Orlando Gibbons composed the music in 1623 and ten years later Phineas Fletcher set the words below; Luke 7: 38 – As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet […]

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