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The Future of Music ~ Part II

In Part II of Professor Linton’s “The Future of Music”, he discusses Wagner’s “Parsifal”, Boulez’s “Structures”, & Cage’s “Etudes Australes”. This lecture was presented in April 2013 and was filmed live at MTSU. Professor Linton’s lecture contains copyrighted material, including portions of musical works and video, the use of which may not have been specifically […]

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Bach - Leipzig

What Makes Music Great (and why it matters) – Part I

Classical music is in a desperate crisis.  Institutions–orchestras, opera companies, concert series and solo performers, even publishers and distributors, are fighting for cultural relevancy and fiscal solvency.  Many are collapsing (the most recent extinction was the venerable New York City Opera which shut its doors in September, 2013, after seventy years of operation).  But while […]

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