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The Future of Music ~ Part II

In Part II of Professor Linton’s “The Future of Music”, he discusses Wagner’s “Parsifal”, Boulez’s “Structures”, & Cage’s “Etudes Australes”. This lecture was presented in April 2013 and was filmed live at MTSU. Professor Linton’s lecture contains copyrighted material, including portions of musical works and video, the use of which may not have been specifically […]

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The Future of Music ~ Part I

Fortune tellers are a problematic lot, almost always wrong and frequently thieves to boot (as Georges de La Tour showed in his 1630 “The Fortune Teller” now in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art). But undeterred, Mike Linton here prognosticates on the future of Classical Music, talking about music calculated and maded-up, a […]

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Spheres of the Heavens, Medieval Music History

Medieval Music History Part II

Medieval Music Lecture given on May 15th 2012 discusses the “Spheres of the Heavens”. A Note on the Video: The textbook used in this course is “A History of Western Music” published by W. W. Norton but, since Professor Linton believes that students can read, the lectures don’t cover material presented in the book. Instead, […]

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