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What We Learned From Pomplamoose

Refinersfire and MTSU School of Muisc had the privilege of hosting a Q&A session with Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte of Pomplamoose. Here’s what we learned from this innovative and impressive band. 1. If you are watching “Single Ladies”, they aren’t making money. Pomplamoose gets none of the ad revenue from their covers such as “Telephone” […]

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First Nights

Recommended Reading

Something about the cold air makes me want hide under a blanket, shun my work, and read1.  With the prediction from the Farmer’s Almanac that this winter is gonna be a cold one2 that means plenty of time to get some reading accomplished. Here is a list of recommended music related books for your fall. […]

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The Arc Choir

The Music of “Having Church”

“Outrage!” “Shocking insensitivity!” “Boycott!” Art, in recent years, has raised any number of protests, but this time it isn’t Jesse Helms and his cronies complaining about taxpayer-funded obscenity. Now it’s the radical left, howling over Angie and Debbie Winans’ anti-gay gospel hit, “It Ain’t Natural” (on their CD Bold , ATF Records, 1997). Problem is, […]

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Michael Linton, Edwin Crossley-Mercer, Jason Paul Peterson

The Making of “Carmina Catulli” Video

On August 19th, 2014 Michael Linton’s Carmina Catulli will be released on CD and via Digital Stores. This mammoth 17th movement song cycle has taken over 15 years to be fully realized. With magnificent performances by French baritone Edwin Crossley-Mercer and American pianist Jason Paul Peterson, the recording of Carmina Catulli took place in December […]

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Michael Linton: Antiphon for Good Friday

Linton: Antiphon For Good Friday

Composer Mike Linton lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and teaches freshman and sophomore level music theory at Middle Tennessee State University.   He is one of the founding members of Refinersfire.   Daniel Shaw is a conductor and composer and music teacher who specializes in small ensembles. He received degrees in music (B.A. Dartmouth College), choral conducting […]

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Sinai mass_Cover_1

Sinai Mass

The 4-track Album and Full Score are available to download for FreePlease consider supporting the work of Refinersfire by paying what you’d like or by making a contribution below       The “Sinai Mass” is intended to be sung by the parish congregation and the important words there are “mass”, “congregation” and “sung.” This is not […]

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