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Cody Franchetti & Michael Linton

Seven Franchetti Songs

The Seven Franchetti Songs are very much a child of the web.  For several years I volunteered for Catherine Austin Fitts as a producer for her Solari Report, a subscriber based weekly podcast of financial news and the politics that impact financial markets.  Each report featured a guest who Catherine interviewed, the guests ranging from […]

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Bonnaroo 2014 – See you there

“Great Music Matters, it matters a great deal…” – this is the proverbial north star that guides Refinersfire. Join us as we head to Bonnaroo in search of more great music. Karen Linton will be live updating our Instagram Feed with pictures and videos as well as daily posts recapping each day’s festivities and sounds. […]

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Penderecki Sticket Stub

Standing Room Only

Full Disclosure: I have been known to fall asleep during classical music concerts. It doesn’t have anything to do with the pieces of music or the quality of performers. I blame my sleeping issue on the fact that the concerts are usually on lazy Sunday afternoons (prime nap time) or after long work days, or […]

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