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The Kind Shall Come

Christmas Music

Check out all our Christmas music from our catalogue, which includes new pieces such as “The King Shall Come” and a beautiful new arrangement of old standards like “O Come, All Ye Faithful“. Right now you can purchase the Cantata No.2 and the Carmina Catulli for the price of one when you enter the code […]

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Intersection ~ New Contemporary Music Ensemble

Classical Music is facing a crisis. Yes! I know you have heard this before, and I can feel your eyes rolling towards the ceiling in annoyance. But, there is good news! People are fighting back and trying to create new ensembles for new music. Conductor, Kelly Corcoran has a vision for a new contemporary music […]

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Nashville Project Music

Chris McMurtry & the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Refinersfire Co-founder and DART Music CEO, Chris McMurtry, has been featured on the Nashville Entrepreneur Website. McMurtry has been working closely with EC for the past six months and is now excited to share with you the EC’s new venture “Project Music”. Check out McMurtry’s testimonial regarding his experiences with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. And, […]

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Articles From Around the Web

Articles from Around the Web ~ Nov. 20th 2014

A weekly round up of news, reviews, and fun stuff for you to check out! “What was once known as building a library is now considered hoarding,” says Alex Ross in his newest article for The New Yorker. “Another classical sellout: Lady Gaga to play Tanglewood”  via  “If the label is paying you with someone […]

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UnSung Creators

Unsung Creators – Part 1

Creativity – like human life – begins in darkness. – Julia Cameron Creating is hard. Scary. Exciting. It is a leap of faith. But… it is something creators must do. Because it is what they, as creators, were created to do. In Unsung Creators, Refinersfire will scour the inter-webs in search of new, exciting, challenging, […]

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Sacred Music BBC Documentary

Video Series ~ History of Sacred Music

Simon Russell Beale is an actor but, before he acted he was a boy singing in the choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  He’s also the host of a four part BBC series on the history of sacred music in Western Europe. It’s not perfect–Beale isn’t much of a historian–but it’s useful and could be […]

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Finding Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier

One side effect of reading The Count of Monte Cristo is the urge to hunt for treasure. It is difficult suppressing the little girl inside of me that wants to grab a knapsack and search for undiscovered treasure1 in my own backyard.  Sometime treasure can be found traveling down a smuggler’s island and discovering a fortune, other times […]

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Joffrey Ballet * The Rite of Spring

Joffrey Ballet & “Le Sacre du printemps”

Certainly no other piece of classical music has been written about as much as has Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” But since its premiere in May, 1913, Nijinsky’s choreography was almost immediately forgotten (or suppressed). But in 1987 the Joffrey Ballet presented a marvelous reconstruction, and their performance was broadcast on PBS. The tape of that original reconstruction has […]

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Musically Inclined Podcasts

Musically Inclined Podcasts

I, like many Americans, have discovered Serial. Have you heard of it? If you have then you know what you are doing on Thursday when episode Five is released. If you don’t, then I suggest you wait to listen to this engrossing and addictive podcast about the murder of a young girl in Maryland in […]

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