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Damien Hirst, "For the Love of God"

Robert Hughes : The Mona Lisa Curse

Recently I participated in a pub quiz. The last question of the last round was “What is the name of Damien Hirst’s platinum cast skull, which is estimated to be worth over £14 million?” None of my friends or I could remember what the title was of that artwork. One of my friends suggested, “Damien […]

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photo credit: Karen Louisa Linton

A Super Star and a Friend Passes Away

Isabelle Collin Dufresne, the French-born artist, actress and author known as Ultra Violet, the beauty among the superstars of Andy Warhol’s glory days at his studio, the Factory, died early Saturday morning at a Manhattan hospital. She was 78 and lived in Manhattan and in Nice, France. Full obituary via NYTimes. “Ultra Violet – Songs & Conversations” […]

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Ultra Violet: Art & Amusement

At the American Acadamy of Arts & Letters Exhibitin on March 4th 2014, there was a curious chirping sound that was wandering through the rooms. People were crinkling their noses and cocking their heads to the side like confused puppies do at the strange sound that was echoing off the walls. Had an unusually loud […]

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Phot credit: Lizzy Sullivan

Ultra Violet: The Studio Recreated – opens tonight

Attention residents of New York and lovers of all things beautiful…. DILLON GALLERY PRESENTS ULTRA VIOLET: THE STUDIO RECREATED APRIL 24 – JUNE 3 Installation Featuring the Contents Iconic Artist and Warhol Superstar’s Chelsea Studio Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Factory Fame is somewhat legitimate. People want to be God. People want to be […]

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Ultra Violet – Songs, Conversations, & Art

Ultra Violet - press release

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Famous for Fifteen Minutes (My Years With Andy Warhol) - Ultra Violet

Famous for Fifteen Minutes (My Years With Andy Warhol) – Ultra Violet

Self Portrait Series

Self Portrait Series

9/11 Sculpture Series

9/11 Sculpture Series