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Back in November I wrote a post regarding my excitement of the New York premiere of Steve Reich’s “Radio Rewrite.” Unable to make the 15-hour trek to NYC myself, I urged others to go so that I might live vicariously through them. Well, this past weekend in addition to experiencing “Radio Rewrite” first-hand, about 2000 of us per day heard five other Reich pieces (as well as a slew of other fantastic new music that I’ll be writing about in future posts) at the very special Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN. Be sure to read the NY Times and the Rolling Stone reviews of, as well as The Nashville Scene’s interview with Jonny Greenwood regarding the festival.


On Sunday Big Ears Festival & Bonnaroo founder Ashley Capps curated a conversation with the composer. In it we get the composer’s perspective on the current state of music – What is better, having your “back against the wall or to be out there on the ice?” You can listen to it in its entirety below via our SoundCloud and check out sites and sounds from the weekend via Instagram.



5:00pm – Big Ears Launch Party w/ Steve Reich, So Percussion, and Laraaji

6:30pm So Percussion w/ Buke and Gase & Glenn Kotche



2:30pm – Dawn of Midi

3:30pm – Glenn Kotche

4:30pm – Jonny Greenwood & Wordless Music

6:30pm – Nils Frahm

8:00pm – Steve Reich “Drumming” performed by So Percussion and nief-norf



1:15pm – Wordless music perform John Adams’ “Shaker Loops”

2:15pm – Conversation with Steve Reich

3:15pm – Keiji Haino

4:15pm – Rachel Grimes

5:30pm – So Percussion performs Reich “Music for Pieces of Wood” & Bryce Dessner “Music for Wood and Strings”

7:30pm – “Clapping Music”

7:40pm – “Electric Counterpoint” performed by Jonny Greenwood

8:00pm – “Radio Rewrite” performed by Ensemble Signal

9:00pm – “Music for 18 Musicians” performed by Ensemble Signal


Below is a media montage of at least the Reich portions of my weekend in the order they were experienced. Though most of the performers are different than those at Big Ears they are still quite good. Thanks and enjoy!



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