Shirley Temple

I dare you to watch these videos of Shirley Temple and not smile. Nowadays1 music is described as corrupting, inane, occult-inspiring, morally deteriorating, boring, loud, boring, etc, etc. Rarely is music every described as lovely or smile inducing. Shirley Temple’s performances were always captivating and, maybe it sounds cheesy, utterly delightful. So again, I dare youto watch these videos of Shirley Temple and not smile.



1. Maybe music has always been described as those things. I don’t know. But, lately with Miley Cyrus and  Nico Muhly the idea that music is crass or too much a spectacle, or too (insert whatever criticism you can think of) has once again taken over the conversation. Why can’t music just be fun and delightful I ask you?!

2. And, if you are under the age of 12, I double dog dare you.

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