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-Read Your Music-

“One More Thing” – I used to love it when Steve Jobs would say those words. Like many new Apple products that was how he introduced the iPod Video – the thicker (though then ‘even thinner’) “classic” one whose commercial featured U2 with the tagline Watch Your Music.

Like most Apple fan-boys I watched the Keynote address while ‘on-the-clock’ at work and dreaming of the possibilities of a music device that fits in the palm of your hand and plays video. Unable to fathom what was coming with the iPhone and iPad, I immediately went home after work and created a QuickTime file that would play scores on the 2.5 inch display so that I could read my music – anywhere. Needless to say it wasn’t the best experience. But now with the advent of iBooks Author and iBooks it is!

* all Refinersfire titles will soon be available in the iBooks Store. “Come, Rest” is available now.

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