Rachmaninov manuscript up for auction

Rachmaninov manuscript“An autographed manuscript of Rachmaninov’s greatest symphony that was assumed lost for nearly a century is to be sold at auction in London. Sotheby’s will announce that it will sell what is a truly remarkable musical rarity, the 320-page manuscript for the composer’s second and most-loved symphony, full of his revisions, crossings out and annotations.” (via

From, “the substantially complete full orchestral score, containing many differences from later sources, notated in black ink on up to twenty-four staves per page, an extensively-worked manuscript, with numerous deletions, corrections, erasures and annotations throughout, including a few bars of new music, alterations to the main themes and many revisions to the orchestration; altered versions added by the composer on hand-drawn staves in the lower margins;  the Stichvorlage, marked up by the composer for the copyist and publisher in red crayon and pencil (with details of the repeated sections, rehearsal numbers and metronome markings), the engraver’s markings in pencil.”

The manuscript will be auctioned off May 20th in London. Start saving them pennies!




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