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Buy SpacesI went into the Big Ears Festival this weekend having never heard of Nils Frahm and now a week later (tomorrow) his latest release Spaces is the one record that I cannot put down. I have played it on repeat since getting into my car late Sunday night for the 3 hour drive back home. What is most impressive about Spaces is that it sounds like a studio album. It’s got huge sounds with lots and lots of space (no pun intended); the kind of sonic palette that Hans Zimmer might create for movies. But it doesn’t sound like a soundtrack. No, it is far too intimate for that. And intentional too. The elements that Nils Frahm chose for Spaces are definitely deliberately prescribed. But here’s the best thing, it’s not a studio album. If the purpose of a live album is to take a little piece of the composer home with you, to experience any time you’d like, then Spaces has succeeded tremendously. 

Also be sure to check out this interview with the composer at He is as kind and genuine in person as they describe.


Nils Frahm – Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Nils FrahmNils Frahm - Sheet Music

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