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There are so many exciting news articles and interesting reviews that are written everyday, and I have collected the best of the best for you to peruse. Below is a list of news from around the web, which will update you on all the goings on in the Classical Music world. Enjoy!

1. The Opera Awards for 2014 have been announced. For the full list of nominees, head over to

2. “In the 1950s, Philomena Lee was a naive Irish teenager who got pregnant, gave birth in a convent, and was forced by the nuns to sign away her parental rights”, so begins the review of the Oscar nominated film, Philomena by To read their review of the music for the film and to hear an interview with the Oscar nominated composer, Alexandre Desplat, click here.

3. On opera based on the short story “Brokeback Mountain” has opened in Madrid and is now available to view online via Medici TV. It is written by composer, Charles Wourinen and will be viewable online for 90 days. To read an article about Medici TV, click here.

4.”Gerd Albrecht, German Conductor and Lightning Rod, Is Dead at 78″. To read the full New York Times article about Albrecht, click here.

5. “We need to move beyond the cliches about ‘elitist’ opera. Why is opera routinely styled as the antithesis of everyday life? Let’s change the conversation and focus on the real thing, says Alexandra Wilson” via If you are interested in opera and the culture behind it, this article is for you.

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