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1. The Cabinet

A thumb drive is abandoned at Starbuck’s; parables, lectures, a street sermon and e-mails, echoes of Kierkegaard’s “Either” from his Either/Or.

 2.  Beauty and Ms Boyle

 Susan Boyle transfigures Simon Cowell

3.  Miracle: An Open Letter to Andres Serrano

Serrano’s famous photograph is attacked by vandals.  So what?

4.  Solo Deo Gloria?

The ruin of “sacred” music.

5.  Anyone for an Institute of Christian Drainage

A book review, pleading for little humility.

6.  In Memory

Solzhenitsyn is dead.

7.  San Francisco Sacred

Messiaen’s St. Francis is reviewed in San Francisco (it’s fantastic!)

8.   Can it really matter THAT much?

Why Classical Music Still Matters is reviewed (answer: it doesn’t, or at least doesn’t very much).

9.  The Blight of Cultural Rights

Hitler’s favorite painting, the National Endowment for the Arts, and paying for something you very much don’t want to get.

10.  Music for the End of Time

Messiaen’s radient peace at the end of the world.

11.  Christian Time

Making clear America’s religious calendar.

12.  America’s Messiah

Why Handel’s Messiah is still the most important piece of music in America.