Ingrid Michaelson at The Ryman

Ingrid Michaelson via

Ingrid Michaelson via

The best part of the Ingrid Michaelson show last night at The Ryman Auditorium was Ingrid Michaelson. Her singing was better than what is on her albums. Her band added an element of energy via their harmonies and dance moves that expanded the songs.  Michaelson’s singing elevated the performance of all the guest singers she invited to sing with her. And, while I do enjoy her songs, her ukulele, and her pension for three part harmonies, it was when she was talking to the audience that everyone was more engaged. At one point during the show Michaelson cut herself off from telling another anecdote and said, “Well, I am just going to stop talking now” to which the girl behind me shouted “please don’t!”

Michaelson’s charisma is abundant when she is standing, holding her ukulele, and telling you a story about how she used to make a retainer out of metal and gum because she thought it was cool to have the shiny metal bar stretched across her teeth when she was eight years old. She talks to the audience like we are friends she hasn’t seen in a long time and is so eager to tell us what we have missed since we last saw each other. Her personality shines and, I promise you, everyone who left that show last night wanted Michaelson to be their best friend. I don’t think people have the same feelings when they exit a Fiona Apple concert or go to see Ani DiFranco, but maybe I am wrong.

Her tour goes through the end of July, hitting most major American cities. Check her tour schedule to see if she is coming to city near you.

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