How to Listen to Classical Music ~ From Open Yale Courses

Hello 2015! It’s time to ride the wave of excitement, hope, and perseverance that inspire resolutions! One resolution could be to learn a bit more. Maybe, say, watch the free lectures that are offered from Yale’s “Open Yale Lectures”. Perhaps, you didn’t finish college. Maybe, you never paid attention to your required “Music Appreciation Course”. Well, your guilt can be eradicated with the viewing of Craig Wright’s captive and informative “Musi 112 : Listening to Music”. From the Open Yale Lecture, you can watch all the lectures, download transcripts, check out the syllabus, and even purchase the books the students use in the chorus.

From the Open Yale Course description, “Professor Wright introduces the course by suggesting that “listening to music” is not simply a passive activity one can use to relax, but rather, an active and rewarding process. He argues that by learning about the basic elements of Western classical music, such as rhythm, melody, and form, one learns strategies that can be used to understand many different kinds of music in a more thorough and precise way — and further, one begins to understand the magnitude of human greatness. Professor Wright draws the music examples in this lecture from recordings of techno music, American musical theater, and works by Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy and Strauss, in order to introduce the issues that the course will explore in more depth throughout the semester.”

View Prof. Wright’s introduction lecture below.

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