Columbus Day Binge Watching Suggestions

If you live in the North East, then you probably have this day off. Good for you! And, what do most good Americans do when they have time off? Binge watch tv and movies of course! So, we have created a list of  art-inclined documentaries (yes, documentaries) for you to explore during your blurry eyed binge watching Monday.

All these movies are available to stream on Netflix now.

1. Kings of Pastry

Warning, do not watch this movie on an empty stomach. Do not watch this movie without food, especially chocolate. Watch as French chefs compete to win the Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Don’t know what that is? Watch the movie!

2. Art of the Steal

Don’t get this one confused with the action Kurt Russell film. This documentary covers the controversy surrounding the control of the Barnes Foundation art collection. Why should you watch it? Because of the land mark court decision, which now allows for wills to be broken. After reviewing the movie Roger Ebert said, “It is perfectly clear exactly what Barnes specified in his will. It was drawn up by the best legal minds. It is clear that what happened to his collection was against his wishes. It is clear that the city fathers acted in obviation of those wishes, and were upheld in a court of appeals. What is finally clear: It doesn’t matter a damn what your will says if you have $25 billion, and politicians and the establishment want it.”


3. Gore Vidal: United States of Amnesia

From the film’s official website, “No twentieth-century figure has had a more profound effect on the worlds of literature, film, politics, historical debate, and the culture wars than Gore Vidal. Anchored by intimate one-on-one interviews with the man himself, Nicholas Wrathall’s new documentary is a fascinating and wholly entertaining portrait of the last lion of the age of American liberalism.

Commentary by those who knew him best—including filmmaker/nephew Burr Steers and the late Christopher Hitchens—blends with footage from Vidal’s legendary on-air career to remind us why he will forever stand as one of the most brilliant and fearless critics of our time.”

This film will make you made, you will laugh, and you will immediately want to buy all Vidal’s books.


4. Exit Through the Gift Shop

This movie is a must! Even the trailer is perfect.

5. Tabloid

A beautiful young American woman rounds up a gang of criminals to kidnap her Mormon boyfriend. Her plan to pull him out of the snares of Mormonism? Make love to him until he gives up his religious faith.  Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is one of the best filmmakers working today. He allows his subjects to talk and talk until they have placed the noose of their own heads. He doesn’t intrude. He doesn’t manipulate. He waits. And, his films deserve your attention.


6. Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present

Performance art. What does it even mean? What am I looking at? Is it even art?! Marina Abramovic is called the “grandmother of Performance Art”. I, like most people I think, know very little about performance art. I don’t encounter it in my daily life (at least, not that I know of). So my expectations of this film were low. Boy was I wrong.  “The Artist is Present” refers to the title of the MoMa’s retrospective of her performance art. This film follows the making of the retrospective, contains archival footage, and interviews with Arthur Danto, Chrissie Iles, Abramović’s gallerist, Sean Kelly, Tom McEvilley, and David Blaine.


7. Cave of Forgotten Dreams

A frequent Errol Morris collaborator, Werner Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” takes the audience in the Chauvet Cave in France which contains the oldest cave paintings in the world. This movie is beautiful. This movie is devastating. This movie is completely worth your time. Dana Stevens of Slate said, if you’re a member of the human race – you owe it to yourself to see this movie.” There you go.


8.Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Don’t know Elaine Stritch? Watch the movie and discover one firecracker of a human.

9. Stephen Fry: Wagner & Me

It’s Stephen Fry talking about Wagner!

10. Ballerina

I thought that in a different world I could have been a ballerina. I watched this movie and realized I was a moron.

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