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Grand Piano ~ A Movie Review

The movie Grand Piano isn’t without its merits. The direction by Eugenio Mira, and the always lovely performance by Elijah Wood are chief among this movie’s positive attributes. Other than that, this movie and the entire conceit of a thriller taking place during a piano concert is absurd. Stephen Dalton of The Hollywood Reporter wrote […]

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Glyndebourne attendees via

Bonnaroo vs. Glyndebourne

Bonnaroo and Glyndebourne. Both are music festivals. Both take place in the countryside on farms. Both of them have nothing else in common. And, I believe I am the only person to have gone to both1. If you are unfamiliar with either one of these festivals, let me tell you a little bit about them. […]

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Bonnaroo 2014 – See you there

“Great Music Matters, it matters a great deal…” – this is the proverbial north star that guides Refinersfire. Join us as we head to Bonnaroo in search of more great music. Karen Linton will be live updating our Instagram Feed with pictures and videos as well as daily posts recapping each day’s festivities and sounds. […]

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Ingrid Michaelson at The Ryman

The best part of the Ingrid Michaelson show last night at The Ryman Auditorium was Ingrid Michaelson. Her singing was better than what is on her albums. Her band added an element of energy via their harmonies and dance moves that expanded the songs.  Michaelson’s singing elevated the performance of all the guest singers she […]

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Met Chandeliers

Just Show Up and We Will Applaud

The first Metroplitan Opera production I attended was a performace of Verdi’s Nabucco when I was 13. The soprano fell on the massive steps, huge gasps rang throughout the hall, the slave chorus got a standing ovation and received more “bravos” than anyone, James Levine was conducting, Sam Rami and Wendy White were singing. It was the […]

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Twenty Feet From Stardom

It’s rare nowadays to look at and appreciate the people working on the fringes. If the light isn’t shining directly on it, we aren’t going to look at it. Twenty Feet From Stardom, focuses on the lives of backup singers, the songs they collaborated on, and the exploitations they endured, and asks those men and women to stand in the spotlight.

Bruce Diones from The New Yorker called this movie “a loving tribute”, and that is exactly what it is. This documentary is worthy of your time. It will makes you smile and then make you want to sing. What could be better?

Twenty Feet From Stardom is available to stream on Netflix now.


Dawn of Midi

My friends know this about me: I don’t like Jazz. I can appreciate Jazz and I am fortunate to take advantage of the brilliance of the Wooten Brothers who perform regularly on Wednesday’s at 3rd and Lindsley. Their musicianship never ceases to amaze. But as a general rule I prefer music as a process where […]

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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

I dare you to watch these videos of Shirley Temple and not smile. Nowadays1 music is described as corrupting, inane, occult-inspiring, morally deteriorating, boring, loud, boring, etc, etc. Rarely is music every described as lovely or smile inducing. Shirley Temple’s performances were always captivating and, maybe it sounds cheesy, utterly delightful. So again, I dare […]

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