Bonnaroo Day 1

Questions that popped into my head during my first 15 minutes at my first Bonnaroo.

1. Is it going to rain today? 2. How many people die every year from dehydration/drug use? 3. I wonder how many babies are conceived here.  4. Do you think Alex Turner is going to walk around and see some shows? Shows that I might possibly be attending? 5. Am I getting cotton mouth from dehydration already? 6. What are the signs of dehydration? 7. Is it likely that Kanye won’t show up again? 8. Who is this band? 9. 1Is it going to rain today?

Day 1 Schedule

3:15~ The Wild Feathers at “That Tent”

~an overpriced, under cheesed quesadilla for lunch.

6:00~ ZZ Ward at “This Tent”

~a coffee, and an Amish glazed donut (that was perfection) for a snack.

9:30~ The Weeks at “Sonic Stage”

The Weeks - Bonnaroo 2014

The Weeks – Bonnaroo 2014

The Festival is just getting started and Day 2 is going to be a busy day with St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Dr. Dog, Andrew Bird, Vampire Weekend, & Kanye West…

Check our Twitter and Instagram feed for pictures and video from the festival, if you can’t be down in Manchester with me!


1. Yes. My mind is a very shallow place indeed. Be thankful you don’t live in it!


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