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Semana Santa in Seville

There may be no city in the world where Holy Week (or Semana Santa) is of greater public significance than Seville.  Religious brotherhoods, called cofradias, process through the city’s streets, carrying extraordinary tableaus (called pasos) depicting events of Christ’s final week:  his trail before Pontius Pilate, his scourging, his crucifixion, etc. But most famous, and perhaps most beloved in Seville, is the procession […]

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What Wondrous Love is This?

Although not specifically associated with Easter, “What Wondrous Love is This?” is frequently a part of Easter services.  The claim that the dorian tune derives from the early 18th century English ballad “My Name is Captain Kidd” seems to me to be quite doubtful, it’s very much unlike the English melody.  Whatever its source, it’s […]

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Ave Verum Corpus

Each day during Holy Week we at Refinersfire will be posting a links to things we’d very much like you to see and hear.  And we’re beginning with Mozart:  his 1791 motet “Ave verum corpus.”  One of the last things Mozart wrote, it is a masterpiece of elegance and profundity (it looks so simple, and […]

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MET Opera and the Problem with New Old Ideas

Oh Opera. Who cares about an antiquated art form that is only kept alive because the mortician consistently adds new rouge and redresses old operas for “new” audiences? Opera, isn’t that an art form created and financial supported by white men? Aren’t operas sung in Italian or in German? Lovers of opera don’t want new […]

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Are you ready for the snow apocalypse? I was asked this question yesterday at the grocery story, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Yes, I am ready for the no-snow day. Did we wake up (in Tennessee) to a snow fall that was so great we were barricaded in our homes? Nope. Most schools are […]

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Listening to Classical Music

How to Listen to Classical Music ~ From Open Yale Courses

Hello 2015! It’s time to ride the wave of excitement, hope, and perseverance that inspire resolutions! One resolution could be to learn a bit more. Maybe, say, watch the free lectures that are offered from Yale’s “Open Yale Lectures”. Perhaps, you didn’t finish college. Maybe, you never paid attention to your required “Music Appreciation Course”. Well, […]

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Jason Paul Peterson at Carnegie Hall

Carmina Catulli pianist, Jason Paul Peterson, will be giving a concert of all Swiss piano works this upcoming February. The tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from the Carnegie Hall website. From the Carnegie Hall website, “pianist Jason Paul Peterson performs a program devoted to masterworks of the Swiss piano literature. These rarely performed pieces […]

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The Kind Shall Come

Christmas Music

Check out all our Christmas music from our catalogue, which includes new pieces such as “The King Shall Come” and a beautiful new arrangement of old standards like “O Come, All Ye Faithful“. Right now you can purchase the Cantata No.2 and the Carmina Catulli for the price of one when you enter the code […]

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Intersection ~ New Contemporary Music Ensemble

Classical Music is facing a crisis. Yes! I know you have heard this before, and I can feel your eyes rolling towards the ceiling in annoyance. But, there is good news! People are fighting back and trying to create new ensembles for new music. Conductor, Kelly Corcoran has a vision for a new contemporary music […]

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Nashville Project Music

Chris McMurtry & the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Refinersfire Co-founder and DART Music CEO, Chris McMurtry, has been featured on the Nashville Entrepreneur Website. McMurtry has been working closely with EC for the past six months and is now excited to share with you the EC’s new venture “Project Music”. Check out McMurtry’s testimonial regarding his experiences with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. And, […]

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