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John Scott (1956-2015)

We are very saddened by the news of John Scott’s passing. From St. Thomas Church’s website, “Saint Thomas Church is heartbroken by the sudden death of John Scott, Organist and Director of Music, on Wednesday, August 12.”   Michael Linton wrote about Mr. Scott’s musicianship for First Things in 2007. We are reposting the article […]

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Russian Easter

Christians get to celebrate Easter twice. It’s a complex business.  Unlike Christmas, which is celebrated on a particular date, December 25, the date for Easter is determined by the lunar calendar, which means that it changes every year, and that movable date is further complicated a disagreement between Christians following the Gregorian Calendar (Protestants and […]

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Et resurrexit, et resurrexit

Along with the “Art of the Fugue” and “The Musical Offering”, Johann Sebastian’s Great Mass (the “B minor”) is the summation of his life’s work. Completed in 1749, the year before he died, and organized in four folders, the middle of the Credo errupts with the proclamation:  “Et resurrexit, et resurrexit”, “and he rose again.” […]

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17_Photo Four

Opera News Review ~ Carmina Catulli

From review of Carmina Catulli, “British baritone Edwin Crossley-Mercer, a highly intelligent and versatile artist, sings with apparent full comprehension of the Latin texts, and pulls out a broad array of vocal colorings to illuminate the vivid moods of these unusual songs…Pianist Jason Paul Peterson is a full-fledged partner who exhibits thorough mastery of […]

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Grand Piano ~ A Movie Review

The movie Grand Piano isn’t without its merits. The direction by Eugenio Mira, and the always lovely performance by Elijah Wood are chief among this movie’s positive attributes. Other than that, this movie and the entire conceit of a thriller taking place during a piano concert is absurd. Stephen Dalton of The Hollywood Reporter wrote […]

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was announced as the “moral leader of our nation” on August 23, 1963.  Watch his speech below. 52 years later we still need to listen to this speech, believe in his ideas, and, most importantly, act out those ideas of equality, forgiveness, and love.

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A Must Read ~ “Band on the Brink”

This past Sunday, Nate Rau of the Tennessean wrote a piece profiling the two man group The New Dylans. This profile covers a year in this bands life after an 18-year hiatus. Can a band resurrect itself in Music City? What does the “Music Industry” and “Music City” even signify in the world of streaming, globalization, […]

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