Articles from Around the Web ~ Nov. 20th 2014

A weekly round up of news, reviews, and fun stuff for you to check out!

“What was once known as building a library is now considered hoarding,” says Alex Ross in his newest article for The New Yorker.

“Another classical sellout: Lady Gaga to play Tanglewood”  via

If the label is paying you with someone else’s money, the label doesn’t need to care how much you charge,” says Steve Albini in the Guardian.” The music producer, Shellac frontman and author of seminal 1993 essay, The Problem with Music, spoke in Melbourne about the advantages of the internet, the death of the major label system, copyright law and that ‘purple dwarf in assless chaps’”. Its a long read but a must for those interested and concerned about the state of the music industry.

And, my favorite news of the week, Patti Smith will perform at the Vatican’s annual Christmas concert! via Buzzed news. Read the article here.



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