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Lorin Maazel“Conductor Lorin Maazel, Who Brought America To The Podium, Dies”

From NPR’s Deceptive Cadence, “One of the most prominent American conductors, Lorin Maazel, died today at his home at Castleton Farms, Va. He was 84. His death was announced by the Castleton Festival, the annual summer series he founded. The festival officially attributed his death to complications stemming from pneumonia; however, the Washington Post reports that Nancy Gustafson, the festival’s executive director, said Maazel had been suffering an “unexplained illness following a kind of collapse from fatigue” due to heavy travel and work engagements across Europe, Asia and North America, despite having cancelled several appearances, including performances at Castleton and with the Munich Philharmonic and Boston Symphony Orchestra this spring.” For continued reading, please click here .

“Germany’s Anti-NSA Tools: Typewriters and Classical Music”

From, “Patrick Sensburg, the head of the Germany’s NSA Inquiry Committee, said in a TV interview Monday that officials have discussed conducting internal communications by typewriter to keep American eyes off of sensitive documents…In addition to switching to typewriters, politicians are now trying other ways to ensure privacy, including playing classical music over sessions of parliament.” For continued reading, please click here.

David Byrne: ‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’

David ByrneAnd Op-Ed piece by David Byrne in, “Awhile ago Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead got some attention when they pulled their recent record from Spotify. A number of other artists have also been in the news, publicly complaining about streaming music services (Black KeysAimee Mann and David Lowery of Camper van Beethoven and Cracker). Bob DylanMetallica and Pink Floyd were longtime Spotify holdouts – until recently. I’ve pulled as much of my catalogue from Spotify as I can. AC/DC, Garth Brooks and Led Zeppelin have never agreed to be on these services in the first place.” For continued reading, please click here.

“Clash In Nashville: A Property Battle On Music Row Draws A Crowd”

Elvis RCA Studio AFrom, “News that a Nashville developer is paying $4.4 million for a half-century-old recording studio [Studio A] has sparked a battle in Music City. On one side is singer-songwriter Ben Folds, inspired by the musical history made in that studio. On the other, a trailblazing musician who made that history…Recently, the owner taped a notice to the studio door saying he’s selling it — to a developer. Folds sounded the alarm online, suggesting the historic room could meet a similar fate to that of other Music Row buildings that have been razed to make way for condos. A few days later, about 200 songwriters, audio engineers, producers and concerned fans crammed into Studio A.” For continued reading, please click here.


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