A Thing or Two About a Tune or Two : Top Ten T.V. Tunes

Happy New Year!

Come, let’s slip into a sugar induced food coma for winter hibernation, curl up with some tea and reminisce about our favorite television shows and their theme songs. Like a book with no pictures, these all instrumental openers force us to use our imagination. The result is at times, terrifying.


10. Law & Order

Thanks to this ubiquitous program and its many marathons, Law & Order’s opener may be the most recognizable tv theme of them all.

9. The Office

Something about this catchy tune inspires confidence, or blissful ignorance…

8. Doctor Who

The show and the song that carry on. Here you can listen to many incarnations of Doctor Who from past to present.

7. Mystery!

I don’t know which I like most: the theme music or the animation. It’s a perfect paring!

6. Mad Men

Sexy, smooth, and slightly dangerous, this is the world of a 1960s advertising executive as painted by producer Rjd2 in “A Beautiful Mine.”

5. Masterpiece Theatre

The triumphant trumpets of this theme song announce that it is time for some quality television. So, sit up and prepare to be schooled, British style.

4. The Twilight Zone

I am 32-rrific years old, but this theme music transforms me into a terrified 6 year old, petrified to look under the bed or enter a dark room. It fully embraces the sounds of all that could go “bump” in the night.

3. House of Cards

Without even watching one episode of the popular Netflix series, this Emmy nominated opener paints a seedy, ominous, and somber image of DC and her politicians.

2. I Love Lucy

It’s amazing how happy a tune can make one in just 20 seconds!

1. The X-Files

Mark Snow is a genius. This tune was the theme song to my adolescent nightmares. Even with my eyes closed it conjured terrifying images. I was only safe with my eyes firmly shut and the television set to “mute”. What are those white blobs with the long nose thingies??? So many questions. So few answers. (David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?)


Sometimes, an instrumental theme is not enough and the words are very necessary.

















Get it? 😉


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