A Thing or Two About a Tune or Two : Death and Taxes



The snow is brown. And yellow.

It does not twinkle.

Everything is dead.

Are you quite finished, Winter???

While most of the Northeast and Midwest lie buried under feet of snow, and the rest of the States experience record lows this season, I sit in my steam heated apartment attempting to complete my patriotic duty and file my taxes (what joy).

Benjamin Franklin brought to our attention that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Thanks Ben. Since I spent today elbow deep in patriotic duty, my mind was occupied by morbidity. Realizing I have until April 14th to finish the deed, I avoided the task at hand and instead made this play list inspired by death and taxes.

Schubert’s “Der Leiermann” is a chilling portrayal of the struggle to survive in the desolate winter. Brr.

This is Bach’s “Come, Sweet Death”. No explanation needed. Refer back to title.

Dido is all about some dramatic departures. Aeneas has departed. Dido cannot live. She departs, her body burning on a pyre so Aeneas can see her as he sails away. DRAMA! Sounds warm to me, and tax free!

Arrested and condemned to death for refusing to renounce their faith, these hardcore nuns sing throughout their execution, as each one is decapitated (by the government). It’s a beautiful way to stick it to the man! You go, girls.

Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”. Hankies at the ready! It’s a tear jerker.

Thanks to Shostakovich’s serious Soviet problem, we too can wallow in beautiful despondency. Here is his “Largo” from Symphony No. 5. It is about as bleak as it gets.

Okay, okay, enough with the distractions. Time to finish the deed.

Right now I am all like:













But soon the sun will shine again, and then I’ll be all like:




















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