A Thing or Two About a Tune or Two: Back to School Blues

For all you teachers and students, it’s that time of year again. And now you’re all like…









But we want to make you feel like this:

Like a G 6








And get…










Hopefully all of that music you downloaded is bought and paid for. If not, there is this to consider:

Jail Time









Good luck in music school, kiddos.










Practicing Counterpoint








Music Theory Test









You’ll probably need a lot of these:











When you are feeling particularly plucky and ready to join the world, here are some pick up lines to try out this year:

Sexy Bach











Pickup lines






You could also do some traveling

andante com moto










Instruments travel











or make some some friends in the science department.

Musician Theory of Relativity









You could watch the news, and then end up wondering…

War what is it good for








and realizing…

Baroque violence








but really we all know…

Violins won't solve anything










There is not a lot of time in music school to do anything else.

Six Flats
















And you don’t want to be humiliated









or bullied.

Don't F up

















You start to doubt your existence.

Music Major








But stick with it!


Verdi Impressed










You could always be a music industry major….












Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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