A Thing or Two About a Tune or Two: #areforidiots (Save the Sharps)

I am a teacher and I hang out with a lot of teachers. Sometimes we trade war stories: tales of idiocy from the front lines. One reoccurring theme from my music teacher friends is that children no longer know what musical notation is. Having near perfect fluency in social media communication, they lack the proper knowledge to decipher the language of music and confuse the # (which was also once called a “pound symbol”) for a hashtag. Prompting such dialogues as: “Mr. Music Teacher, why are all these hashtags on this paper?” Insert face in palm.

Ariel FacePalm



But I am glad there are many bright people in the world who do not lack the intelligence to have a musical sense of humor. This post is for you. Hashtags are for idiots.Beethoven Hashtag


Bach Street Boys

Stepping on the Scale

Musical Stands

The Star Spangled Banner 3 Types of Rocks Triangle Playa and Buds Hans Solo The Staff Meetingone and threecutetumblr_m7bgrtFLPC1qcabyio1_500 fermatatumblr_mtc466a7W21s0r4jho1_400f277f220ea1e76a3a17b8f43ef1bc60ccaaa03f1cf16e302cb6d961c58a255657a45dc6ec40d58a77a8ed4a6d2081d84French Horn

Bass solo

musical road

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


And finally, so no child will ever make the error of mistaking a sharp for a hashtag:Periodic Table of Musical Notation You can purchase it here.

There is lots of work to be done in music classrooms across the globe.

In other news: I heart Questlove

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