A Thing or Two About a Tune or Two: A Worthy Distraction

I never tire of explaining the wonders of the subjunctive to my eager and receptive pupils. I never procrastinate. I never lose papers, quizzes, tests, or homework. I am always on task! I am a machine! My time is precious and spent wisely, even when perusing the interwebs. Research clothing for puppies? No, ma’am! I shall spend my specifically allotted Internet time wisely: researching authentic Spanish texts to be used in class. A case of spontaneous human combustion!! What?? Never! I shall not be deterred from my path: searching for age appropriate activities to help students learn the imperfect vs. the preterite. Cats that play invisible instruments??? Oh, no. Can’t. Look. Away. Must. Enjoy.

Invisible Accordian

































Invisible Harp




















Invisible Harp 2





















Invisible Violin












Karaoke Night

















Invisible Violin 2











Invisible Piano




































Invisible Upright Bass
















































Opera Cat 2















Grumpy Cat

We hope you enjoyed this most worthy distraction. Happy Weekend!!!

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