A Must Read ~ “Band on the Brink”

This past Sunday, Nate Rau of the Tennessean wrote a piece profiling the two man group The New Dylans. This profile covers a year in this bands life after an 18-year hiatus. Can a band resurrect itself in Music City? What does the “Music Industry” and “Music City” even signify in the world of streaming, globalization, and mega superstars? The middle class isn’t just shrinking in American society, it is also shrinking in the music industry. What are the working musicians to do when the jobs that pay the bills are disappearing and the bills are only getting larger? This article is a must read for anyone who has the desire to make a living off of music.

From the article, “The New Dylans were left for dead by the music industry.

They were lauded by critics and tastemakers in the 1980s. They were signed to a record deal and heaped with praise in the pages of Village Voice and Rolling Stone and on the airwaves of MTV and NPR in the 1990s. They toured the country ferociously.

And then, at the end of 1996, broke and burnt out, the folk rock band from Warren, Pa., broke up.

This is the story about how the New Dylans, after an 18-year hiatus, returned to making music in Nashville. And it is the story about a shrinking sector of the music industry — the middle class — in 2014. It may be boom times for artists like Taylor Swift, the Black Keys, Jason Aldean and Jack White, but for middle-class musicians like those who comprise the New Dylans, making music in 2014 is a rather gritty chore.”

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

Our favorite theatre in Nashville, The Belcourt, will be showing a documentary about The New Dylans on January 27th. Watch the trailer below.


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