Listen to a Glimpse of Carmina Catulli

Edwin Crossley-Mercer Recording
Just a glimpse at a spectacular week of recording: a raw cut of Edwin Crossley-Mercer and Jason Paul Peterson in one of the songs from Michael Linton’s epic song cycle “Carmina Catulli”.

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One Response to Listen to a Glimpse of Carmina Catulli

  1. Momixou December 27, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    I, as a very simple lover of music, hear highly intelligent and elegant music, a music easy to like or to love. What distinguishes it is that it circumnavigates the torture (for me at any rate) contained in thoughtless contemporary music, possessing the sole design too often to outrage or disturb. Here, the melody line surprises because it is unpredictable, sometimes with or without resolution, i.e. a return to the departure point.
    The raw recordings exhibit musicianship and emotion from the composer, pianist and singer which will generate the wherewithal to bring the audience at Carnegie Hall to a state of healthy reflection.

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