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Edwin Crossley-Mercer & The Magic Flute

Edwin Crossley-Mercer gets a rave for his Paris performance in Mozart’s “Magic Flute”!   Here’s a link to the full review. The good part about Edwin “heartily applauds” his knack for Viennese humor, which is very high praise from the French (who never really forgave the Viennese for Marie Antoinette, or for inventing the croissant). 

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Russian Easter

Christians get to celebrate Easter twice. It’s a complex business.  Unlike Christmas, which is celebrated on a particular date, December 25, the date for Easter is determined by the lunar calendar, which means that it changes every year, and that movable date is further complicated a disagreement between Christians following the Gregorian Calendar (Protestants and […]

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Et resurrexit, et resurrexit

Along with the “Art of the Fugue” and “The Musical Offering”, Johann Sebastian’s Great Mass (the “B minor”) is the summation of his life’s work. Completed in 1749, the year before he died, and organized in four folders, the middle of the Credo errupts with the proclamation:  “Et resurrexit, et resurrexit”, “and he rose again.” […]

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Semana Santa in Seville

There may be no city in the world where Holy Week (or Semana Santa) is of greater public significance than Seville.  Religious brotherhoods, called cofradias, process through the city’s streets, carrying extraordinary tableaus (called pasos) depicting events of Christ’s final week:  his trail before Pontius Pilate, his scourging, his crucifixion, etc. But most famous, and perhaps most beloved in Seville, is the procession […]

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