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MET Opera and the Problem with New Old Ideas

Oh Opera. Who cares about an antiquated art form that is only kept alive because the mortician consistently adds new rouge and redresses old operas for “new” audiences? Opera, isn’t that an art form created and financial supported by white men? Aren’t operas sung in Italian or in German? Lovers of opera don’t want new […]

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Are you ready for the snow apocalypse? I was asked this question yesterday at the grocery story, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Yes, I am ready for the no-snow day. Did we wake up (in Tennessee) to a snow fall that was so great we were barricaded in our homes? Nope. Most schools are […]

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Opera News Review ~ Carmina Catulli

From review of Carmina Catulli, “British baritone Edwin Crossley-Mercer, a highly intelligent and versatile artist, sings with apparent full comprehension of the Latin texts, and pulls out a broad array of vocal colorings to illuminate the vivid moods of these unusual songs…Pianist Jason Paul Peterson is a full-fledged partner who exhibits thorough mastery of […]

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Grand Piano ~ A Movie Review

The movie Grand Piano isn’t without its merits. The direction by Eugenio Mira, and the always lovely performance by Elijah Wood are chief among this movie’s positive attributes. Other than that, this movie and the entire conceit of a thriller taking place during a piano concert is absurd. Stephen Dalton of The Hollywood Reporter wrote […]

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