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Pomplamoose, Refinersfire, & MTSU

Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of POMPLAMOOSE at MTSU          Refinersfire, LLC, and the MTSU School of Music will host Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, the two musicians of POMPLAMOOSE, for a Q & A session in the Wright Music building on Thursday, 2 October.  The session will be in Rm 117 and […]

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Damien Hirst, "For the Love of God"

Robert Hughes : The Mona Lisa Curse

Recently I participated in a pub quiz. The last question of the last round was “What is the name of Damien Hirst’s platinum cast skull, which is estimated to be worth over £14 million?” None of my friends or I could remember what the title was of that artwork. One of my friends suggested, “Damien […]

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First Nights

Recommended Reading

Something about the cold air makes me want hide under a blanket, shun my work, and read1.  With the prediction from the Farmer’s Almanac that this winter is gonna be a cold one2 that means plenty of time to get some reading accomplished. Here is a list of recommended music related books for your fall. […]

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Photo Credit : Prof saxx

The Beginning of Art

Today, in 1940 near Montignac, France, four teenagers followed their dog downn a narrow entrance into a cave and discovered what we now know as the paintings of Lascaux.  The beginning of Art.  Visit the cave yourself here.

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Forum Opera Review

“Priape, Lesbie, Diane, et caetera”. CD ~ Carmina Catulli By Laurent Bury, Thursday 11th September 2014 Today, is it reasonable to compose melodies with a supporting text in Latin? In 1943 Carl Orff put to music some of the 116 poems by Catullus, using the title of Catulli Carmina, which probably explains why this song cycle is […]

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The Arc Choir

The Music of “Having Church”

“Outrage!” “Shocking insensitivity!” “Boycott!” Art, in recent years, has raised any number of protests, but this time it isn’t Jesse Helms and his cronies complaining about taxpayer-funded obscenity. Now it’s the radical left, howling over Angie and Debbie Winans’ anti-gay gospel hit, “It Ain’t Natural” (on their CD Bold , ATF Records, 1997). Problem is, […]

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