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BIS – Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 20

The Scandinavian label BIS Records consistently puts out some of my very favorite recordings.  I am always thrilled by the attention to detail put into every facet of their catalogue. Using the newest technology in high-resolution audio recording they “aim to reproduce the natural sound in a concert venue as faithfully as possible,” resulting in […]

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Super Choreography

It is our pleasure to fittingly honor the Ohio State Marching Band on the first-ever Education Monday blog. If you are reading this and you have not yet gotten to experience the artistry of this remarkable choreography please do yourself a favor and watch all 8 minutes. You will not regret it! Even Diaghilev would have been […]

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World Series Fever – Symphony Style

It’s October! The energy in the air as the temperatures begin to drop, the gorgeous foliage as the leaves change colors, and of course ‘get candy, get candy, get candy’. But this is America and October also means baseball… World Series Championship Baseball!!! And since this is our first post for Fun Friday, our weekly blog […]

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Tunes that Terrify

Listener Beware: This is not classical music selected to lull you into a peaceful slumber or to accompany you and your glass of wine in a night of bubble bath relaxation. This is the soundtrack of nightmares. We love celebrating excellent music here at REFINERSFIRE, and in anticipation of Halloween, we are counting down our […]

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