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  • Music for Good Friday
    For those who observe Good Friday, there isn't any better music that can focus the mind and spirit than the ... more

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  • via lovethesepics.com2014 Pullitzer Prize Winner – Become Ocean
    By Chris McMurtry -- Congratulations to Alaskan composer John Luther Adams on winning the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his composition Become Ocean for orchestra. I haven’t gotten to dive into the piece completely yet, ... more

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  • Arbores Serit - Michael Linton

  • Las Fuentes Del Cafe Del Rey Moro

  • Inter Ligna

  • Pange Lingua Gloriosi

  • Dakota Wind CD Cover

Music matters . . . . at least great music does. Founded by Chris McMurtry and Mike and Janet Linton, REFINERSFIRE is committed to the idea that great music is one of the highest achievements of civilization and that its continued cultivation is essential to civilization’s health. By performing, recording, and distributing both great new music and educational materials about great music, we at REFINERSFIRE — if but momentarily and fragilely — seek to “push back the darkness” that can overtake a people if they succumb to the ultimately self-destructive culture that is the product of rapacious consumerism. The “refiner’s fire” both purifies and enlightens.

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